Frequently Asked Questions

Why Beast Coast Shootout vs. other roll-racing competitors?
  • Lower overall cost
  • More track time than most organizers
  • Car show and other festivities to make your day as exciting as possible
  • Timing tracked for all runs
  • Amazing Venue
  • Friendly Staff
  • Cash Prizes with Custom Trophies and Medals
  • Lots of photographers
Is roll racing better for my car than drag racing?

Absolutely! Taking the launch out and starting the race at a roll places less stress on drive-train components. Most of our entrants drive their vehicles daily so, having axles or driveshaft’s break from hard launches isn’t an option.

What category should I enter?

Beast Coast divisions are broken up into categories. You enter ALL categories that apply to your car. All participants are automatically entered into the Highest Speed category. Drivers will race all day trying to best themselves and their Top Speeds. Winners are determined by those who set the highest speed as long as they are within the 55 mph +/- 5 mph start speed zone. Example;   John Smith has a Corvette. His categories would be – Fastest RWD, Fastest NA, Fastest Domestic and Highest Speed.

Why should I choose to roll race vs. drag racing?

Racing from a roll allows drivers to achieve higher top speeds. There is 260 Feet to drive up to 55 MPH (+/- 5 mph) then 1,500 feet for top trap speeds. Overall 1,760 feet is 33% of a mile covered during a run. This format also allows for less downtime between runs, resulting in a better experience for participants. At our last event, we managed to have as little as 18 second’s in-between races. That equates to a lot of track time.

What are the race dimensions?

260 FT for start up 1,500 FT race 2,065 – 2,165 FT for cool down

Why does it cost more to roll race than drag race?

Beast Coast Shootout is priced significantly lower than any other roll-racing event in the northeast. However, when directly comparing to drag racing, the price difference is worth noting. What you get for your money is more track to race on, more time on the track, cash prizes, multiple categories to enter in and no eliminations. Our goal is maximum runs for your dollar!

How does a race start/end?

Cars will be lined up by a Beast Coast Staff member and once in place, will check both drivers to make sure they are ready. Once he gets the thumbs up, a drop of the hand will signal both drivers to go. Now, Beast Coast has a shorter “start up distance” at 260ft vs. 500+ft which does place more emphasis on starting correctly. This enhances the excitement for spectators and the difficulty level for drivers. Target start speed is 55 mph with + or – 5 mph to count as a valid pass. Racers will accelerate 1,500ft thru the finish and they will immediately hop on the brakes. Drivers will have 2,065-2,165 ft of shut down space. They will turn left at the end of the track onto the access road and stop at the building on the left for their time sheets! They will then cycle back around and hop back in line or go to the designated pit area.

Beast Coast Shootout Race Series

The Beast Coast ShootOut’s goal is to bring together fellow enthusiasts to enjoy the rush of top speed racing in a safe, competitive format that’s friendly to racers and spectators alike. In addition to the racing, we also will provide one of the region’s best car shows as well as an excellent trade show for companies to display their hottest products.  

Beast Coast was started with passion and continues to be driven by it. It’s for car people, by car people.

(All media/photos provided by Jake Peters Photography)

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